Zhang Xuntu, secretary of lizhou District Committee of “Guangyuan”, investigated the propaganda and united Front work of the whole district

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On March 29, Zhang Xuntu, secretary of Lizhou District Party Committee, went deep into Dongba, Shangxi, Jialing, Nanhe and other places to investigate the propaganda and united Front work of the whole district.He stressed that the party should always focus on the central task and serve the overall situation, blaze new trail and innovate, and work hard in a pragmatic manner. New achievements should be made in publicity and ideological work and breakthroughs in united Front work, so as to welcome the successful opening of the 20th CPC National Congress and the 12th Provincial Party Congress with outstanding achievements.Shude Primary School, Lizhou District, Guangyuan City, regards red education as an important part of students’ patriotic education. It teaches students to remember history, fulfill their mission, follow the example of revolutionary ancestors, and cherish the hard-won happy life.At Shude Primary School, Zhang xun tu had an in-depth understanding of the ideological and political education of teenagers in the school.He pointed out that youth ideological and political education is a systematic project, involving schools, families, society and other aspects.Schools should attach great importance to carrying out diverse, healthy and elegant campus cultural activities to guide students to form correct ideas, values and behavior habits.We should pay great attention to the construction and management of ideological and cultural sites such as classroom, dormitory, library, canteen and network, timely solve students’ practical difficulties and tendency problems, make moral education work into students’ daily study and life.We need to adopt appropriate forms of publicity and expression to make education more appealing and penetrating, so that our ideological and political work among young people will be more vigorous, in-depth and effective.In Dongping Community of Dongba Street and Nanjie community of Jialing Street, Zhang Xuntu conducted field research on the service management of floating ethnic minorities and the “two-way service” of community United Front, and got to know the situation of democratic parties and organizations in detail.He stressed that the united Front departments should accurately grasp the historical orientation of the united front in the new era, focus on the mission and tasks of the work, and make continuous efforts to strengthen the building of non-Party cadres, promote high-quality development of the private economy, and promote ethnic unity, religion and harmony, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of the work.We should give full play to the role of non-Party members to better coordinate interests, resolve social conflicts and promote social harmony.We should continue to play our role, carry forward our fine traditions, implement the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation, build the broadest and most solid united front, and pool more strength to promote high-quality development in the region.In the Community of Empress Road of Upper West street and the sports center of Nanhe Street, Zhang Xuntu had a detailed understanding of the development of the activity of Learning From Lei Feng and the construction of the civilization practice center of the new era.He stressed that the whole district should take the opportunity of building a national civilized city to further strengthen the construction of cultural front, enrich cultural products, and enhance the cultural literacy of the whole people with more effective cultural activities.We should constantly improve the construction and management of civilized cities and civilization practice centers in the new era, and realize that “people build and manage people’s cities”.We need to give full play to the role of volunteers and social workers to provide more varied and thoughtful services so that people can feel the warmth and affection of society at all times and in all places, and truly enhance their sense of happiness and gain.In the District Media Center, Zhang Xun Tu had a detailed understanding of the reform, news gathering and editing, team building, operation and management of the media Center.He pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping has made many important speeches, which have provided guidance and pointed out the direction for the integrated development of media and the work of media and public opinion.He stressed that the media center should adhere to the principle of the Party governing the media, keep the correct political direction and correct public opinion direction, and further spread the good voice of Lizhou and tell the good story of Lizhou.It is necessary to do a good job in the construction and operation of the media center, run the programs well, improve the competitiveness of the media, better serve the overall situation of the central district, and better meet the cultural life needs of the people in the district.We need to deeply understand the voice of the masses, actively respond to the concerns of the masses, and use more thoughtful, warm and quality news reports to lead mainstream public opinion and spread the image of Lizhou.We need to strengthen our responsibility, firmly grasp the leadership and say in ideological work, lead the trend of our times, be the vanguard of our times, sing the main melody, and defend the main position.On the same day, Jang also visited the united Front Work Department and propaganda department of the district committee.District leaders an Zongming, Li Bo, Sun Yujuan, district related departments main (executive) responsible comrades to participate in the investigation.