‘Chinese people smile with a sense of gain’

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The living standard is improved, the environment is more and more beautiful…A number of foreigners who have lived and worked in China for a long time recently shared with us their personal observations and experiences how the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese government have been enhancing people’s sense of gain, happiness and security.”I can feel the happiness of citizens in their faces and words.” The winter sun shines into the office of Southwest University. Outside the window, I hear the sound of frolic on the playground of the primary school next door.Olya, assistant professor, Institute of Russian Language and Literature, School of Foreign Languages, Southwest University, has lived and worked in China for 12 years.In her view, from the construction of facilities such as schools, hospitals, libraries and playgrounds to major livelihood projects such as Bridges, roads and affordable housing, the Chinese government has never stopped its efforts to improve people’s lives.”China is striving to promote rural revitalization and the quality of life in rural areas is constantly improving.Many universities, including Southwest University, have sent teachers and experts to help rural areas.””Living here, I often hear people say they have a sense of gain, happiness and security, and I can relate to that,” olya said.Olya describes the changes she sees: rapid development of high-speed rail and civil aviation, continuous extension of subway lines, air-conditioned buses, more beautiful green landscape, cleaner urban environment, improved medical care, people’s life is safer…All this benefits the people.Olya said that chongqing beibei district, where Southwest University is located, has added many sports and leisure places in the past two years, especially the new riverside walking path, which provides a pleasant and tree-lined environment along the Jialing River.”I can see the happiness in the faces and words of the citizens, and the smiles of the Chinese people are full of a sense of gain.”Olia’s own experience during COVID-19 prevention and control gave her a deeper sense of the Chinese government’s “people first” philosophy.”Many medical workers rushed to the front line, grassroots civil servants and community officials efficiently organized epidemic prevention and control, vaccination and nucleic acid testing, and volunteers, taxi drivers and delivery boys actively provided services for citizens…The work and dedication is priceless and gives a tangible sense of security.””Taking full care of people’s safety and health reflects the Chinese government’s people-centered thinking,” Olia said.”More and more green mountains,” the number of days of good air increased year by year, all kinds of pollutant emissions decreased significantly…Hideki Takahashi, a Japanese friend who has lived in China for more than four years, was impressed by the changes in Tangshan, Hebei province in recent years. “Tangshan has more and more blue skies,” he said. “I am not only a participant but also a witness in the battle against pollution.”As the general manager of Sumitomo Construction machinery (Tangshan) Co., LTD., Hideki Takahashi introduced environmental treatment equipment and online management equipment to the company, realizing 100% online monitoring of environmental pollutant emissions.At the same time, the company actively cooperate with the energy upgrade requirements, accelerate the equipment update, complete the third party power purchase agreement, to ensure the priority use of green electricity.”Tangshan city government has invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources in environmental protection, from industrial layout adjustment to ‘scattered pollution’ treatment and water purification, which has greatly improved the living environment of residents.”In the past four years, Hideki Takahashi has personally felt that China’s ecological environment and living environment are getting better and better.From June to October 2020, the fifth Horticultural Expo of Hebei Province will be held in Huahai North District, Kaiping District, Tangshan city.The former mining area is now shaded by trees, and Tangshan Huahai has become a new place for tangshan and its surrounding residents to enjoy life and leisure tourism.”Many of my friends went to see it. It was beautiful.”Mr. Takahashi said he learned about the Tangshan Flower Sea project two years ago through a promotional video and appreciates it.At the end of August 2020, all production lines of He-Tang Steel, located in the downtown area of Tangshan, were suspended.In early September of the same year, the new factory was officially put into production, and the relocation plan of Hegang Tang Steel was completed as scheduled.Hideki Takahashi admitted that he was surprised when he learned that Tanggang was about to move. “I did not expect that in less than two years, the local factory has overcome great difficulties to move, and the fast and efficient action is amazing.”Takahashi said that the Chinese government puts people’s health first and continues to improve the living environment, which will benefit the country’s development in the long run.”‘ Lucid waters and lush mountains are mountains of gold and silver.Now, China is working hard to strengthen environmental governance and improve the ecological environment, with more and more clear waters and green mountains.””People work and live in a more comfortable and convenient way.”Along the banks of the Jiang ‘an River in Chengdu, many citizens are strolling.Frank, from Azerbaijan, had just finished jogging with his children.”A few years ago, this part of the river smelled really bad.Now this area has become a ‘sea of flowers’. Not only nearby residents often come here, but also many tourists from other places.”Frank’s words were filled with joy.In June 2020, the construction team of the Third Engineering Bureau of China Aneng Construction came to the riverside of Jiang ‘an to carry out river governance and benefit the people.Frank, who lives nearby, was invited to visit the construction site as the residents’ representative.At one site, she remembers, several machines and a row of enclosure sprinkler systems were working on dust removal, alongside a water purification sedimentation tank to protect the river from pollution.The experts explained the construction situation and treatment ideas to the resident representatives in detail, and showed the effect of improving the water quality of jiang ‘an River on site.”The dust removal effect of these equipment is very obvious, the site site fully consider the concerns of residents, noise and dust control is very good, this professional and thoughtful attitude is very reassuring.”Frank exclaimed.Looking back on the year, Frank said: “Our living conditions are getting better every day and the quality of life is getting better.Having experienced these things and seeing these details with my own eyes, I feel that putting people’s interests first is not a slogan in China.”The change of jiang ‘an River is the epitome of the improvement of urban public service facilities in recent years and the development of park city demonstration area.We will build an open and friendly park system, create a living environment that everyone yearns for, and satisfy people’s yearning for a better life.Frank told reporters that her daughter’s kindergarten was built in Jiangtan Park, adjacent to Guixi Ecological Park in the north and Jinjiang Park in the east.It is reported that from 2018 to 2020, 601 new primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, which are of the most concern to the public, have been added in Chengdu, relieving the worries of many families.From the natural environment to the physical facilities, frank said, “the environment is better, the services are better, people are more comfortable working and living.”People’s Daily (3rd edition, February 15, 2022) (Edited by Bai Yu and Zhao Xinyue) Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn