Exposure Li Xiaopeng will class!The national football team lost to Vietnam, the dissolution of a clear conclusion, the fans have long thought of

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China suffered a humiliating 3-1 defeat to Vietnam for the first time on the first day of the Lunar New Year and a double blow of missing out on the World Cup two rounds early.Li Xiaopeng, as the coach, apologized and took responsibility for the loss of the national football Team. Now it is said that his position is not guaranteed and he is facing the danger of dismissal. It is only 2 months since he took office as the coach of the National football Team.China’s soccer fans had been prepared for their team’s defeat in the World Cup by Japan on Jan 27, but they had no reason to be angry when they lost to Vietnam.As the coach, Li xiaopeng said after the game: “the problem of the game, first of all to all the fans, but also to the team apology.It’s a difficult result for me personally.”Now Li Xiaopeng lost to Vietnam for the first time, which will be recorded in the history of The National football Team. Some fans are still dissatisfied with the National football Team and Li Xiaopeng, and call on Li Xiaopeng to resign quickly.Today, the former coach of the Chinese Super League club Truusiere talked about the coaching prospects of Li Xiaopeng, he thought that Li Xiaopeng was difficult to continue his work after the defeat by Vietnam, the pressure from the public and the media is huge, similar to Li Tie, when he and the football association high-level conflict, he can not continue to coach.In addition, Truissier said that China is likely to appoint a coach from eastern Europe next.At the beginning of December last year, Li Xiaopeng, the official of the Football Association, took office and officially became the coach of the National football Team. Now two months later, Li Xiaopeng is facing the crisis of dismissal.In addition to Li xiaopeng, the fans are more dissatisfied with the performance of the National football team.The day after the national football team lost to Vietnam, except For Wu Lei and several naturalized players, the rest of the national football team chartered a plane and flew back to Shanghai. Many fans called for the dissolution of the national football team, but they were disappointed again and again and there was no need for their existence.Now there is a definitive decision on whether the national team will be disbanded, which has long been expected by fans.According to the Beijing Youth Daily, the national football team will continue its closed training in Suzhou after returning to China. The coaching staff will not only organize normal training for the team, but also replay the matches lost to Japan and Vietnam.After returning to China, the National football team will not be disbanded and will continue closed training. This is the remaining two matches of the top 12, and several naturalized players will basically not be willing to play, because they are not eligible for the World Cup in advance.With the style of the FOOTBALL association, li Xiaopeng dismissed in advance after just two months in office, and the fans will not feel surprised.