The disinformation in Beijing has been one after another: first Qin xiaowen’s departure, then Zhang Yunsong’s ascension

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Qin xiaowen’s departure has been confirmed as a rumor and nothing has changed in the Beijing coaching staff, as confirmed by Beijing Youth Daily reporters in a recent interview with the team.Qin Xiaowen is still the president of The Beijing Shougang Basketball Club, while Zhang Yunsong is still the executive vice general manager of the Beijing Shougang Basketball Club, and the goal of the Beijing Team in the current season is still to win the championship!But can Qin’s goal be achieved this time?Below, with basketball younger brother together to see!Qin Xiaowen’s victory did not come true and the reason why there will be such rumors online, in addition to the extensive eyeball traffic, there is also a majority of fans of the Beijing team is not very ideal now.Because when Qin Xiaowen just took office, she shouted out the heroic feat of winning the championship for three years.But now the time has exceeded the limit 2 years, Beijing team did not realize her original promise as before!Even when Jeremy Lin returned, they still weren’t as strong as a championship team should be.This allowed some black fans to find a malicious attack on the Beijing team, this, they fabricated the rumor that Zhang Yunsong replaced Qin Xiaowen as the new president of Beijing Shougang Basketball Club!Beijing has been to residual blood status in May in basketball brother opinion, Beijing in the current season has exceeded expectations, reason is very simple, as they are in the first two stages of the competition has been by residual blood status, regardless of Fang Shuo because of a knee injury in the early stages of the second phase, a truce for seven consecutive games, is the late in the second stage,He even took eight games due to injury, while Fang Shuo exactly how much is the key for Beijing, surely you don’t have to basketball brother say more, but it still don’t finish calculate, because their main control WeiLiuXiao yu also have played more games due to injury, it’s not too after Jeremy back, that is to say, has been in a state of residual blood in Beijing.Beijing has done wonders and it would be a real goddamned if they could still win many games in a row, but even so!Guangdong, Zhejiang, Liaoning and Shanghai this several strong teams have also been planted in their hands.And the window period is officially coming, which also let Beijing team get the perfect opportunity to strengthen.This not only makes Fang Shuo, xiao-yu liu, Fan Ziming and ZhaiXiaoChuan core players to rediscover their peak, even Jeremy, Gibson, brown and Hamilton this several foreign aid will again into Beijing’s tactical system, but this let yanni, at the time of tactical choices have more choice.Beijing already has the credentials to win, and with Beijing’s current situation, if their current roster can play at its peak, they can definitely take on the likes of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Liaoning and Shanghai.After all, Lin helped them reach the semifinals in 2019-20, and they would have made it to the Finals if they hadn’t lost by three points in the clutch.But this season, The Beijing team’s overall strength is undoubtedly much better than the 2019-20 season, not to mention the arrival of Li Muhao and Fan Ziming to further enhance their overall strength inside.Foreign aid will help Beijing climb to the top again in foreign aid.They have signed Lin, Gibson, Brown and Hamilton, four outstanding foreign aid, and in the window period, they will be able to make their peak form back, because they also hope that the Beijing team in their help to restore the past peak, also win the championship!And based on their performances so far this season, they’ve certainly got it in them.After all, The Beijing team in the state of broken blood can be guangdong, Liaoning and Zhejiang these three strong teams have been pulled off the horse, now as long as these foreign aid can thoroughly integrate into the Beijing team, they absolutely can play a more powerful strength.Jeremy and brown justify the opportunity has come, especially for Yu Linshu hao with the two foreign aid brown, one of them need help Beijing to rediscover the peak of the past, and the other people need to play their own value in the CBA league, but now his chance came, it was to help Beijing achieve champions!As long as he can do that, not only will all the fans be impressed, but he will attract the attention of more teams.Even if Yanis is still using Lin as a major foreign player, that’s because he’s more familiar with Beijing’s system.Brown, who has played just two games for Beijing, will be more valuable if he can be fully integrated into the team.Even if Qin’s title dream is realized and let’s not forget, the window is just over 10 days, he might have already started practicing with Beijing, because he also wants to show his value in the CBA league.And when start of the third stage, not only Fang Shuo, xiao-yu liu and ZhaiXiaoChuan people able to return to full health status, even Jeremy, brown, Gibson and Hamilton, foreign aid will find his own again peak, but this let Beijing in the future competition to play more strong power.Therefore, Qin Xiaowen’s dream of winning the championship is really possible to become a reality!What do you think about that?# Shougang Men’s Basketball # Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to sports basketball brother