The man secretly to the former marriage son after 460,000 to divorce, the current prosecution refund money, the court: half

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As the saying goes: “one hundred years to repair a total ship crossing, thousands of years to repair a total pillow sleep.”Two people can come together to become husband and wife, not only the fate given by god, but also the result of their hard work, joint struggle and mutual support.Some people say that there is no “love” in today’s society, and people are full of suspicion and suspicion, losing the ability to love.”It is easier to share happiness and sorrow than wealth and honour.”When life is getting better and better, there will be conflicts and disputes because of the uneven interests, and love and money are not involved in clear, this time needs the law to solve!Recently, guangxi Liuzhou court ruled a case.The man deposited 460,000 yuan into his son’s card, and his wife took him to court.Here’s how it happened: Chang Zhen (not his real name) married his wife, Tang Jing (not his real name), in 2006.They remarried and had no children.Before chang married his current wife, Tang Jing, he had a son, Chang Wei (pseudonym), from his first marriage.It is not hard to see here that Chang Zhen did not have children because of his remarriage, so Chang Wei became his only son.Perhaps because of this, and now that he is old, Chang Zhen usually gives his son more attention and money.The conflict between husband and wife widened in 2016.Since 2016, Tang jing found that Chang Zhen was carrying her behind her back, and secretly gave Chang Wei 98 strokes totaling 460,000 yuan.460,000 yuan is also a huge sum of money for ordinary families. How would a wife feel if she didn’t tell her partner about such a huge sum of money?How to be insecure?The distrust between husband and wife has reached this point.Chang also filed for divorce in 2017, and the court ruled against divorce.Although Chang Wei is Chang Zhen’s biological son, tang Jing has no blood relationship and belongs to another family.To Ms. Tang, transferring money to another family while the marriage was still alive was tantamount to betrayal.Then the husband also filed for divorce, shocking and chilling!This act is suspected of transferring property.How disturbing it would be if everyone in society did this!In the end, the law also gave a fair judgment – the couple had a total property of 460,000 yuan, half of which was returned to his wife Tan Jing, 230,000 yuan.It’s really gratifying!The controversy in this case is that Chang zhen believes that after marriage, the couple’s property was managed separately.The 460,000 yuan in dispute is also obtained by his stock investment, which belongs to his personal income and cannot be divided to his current wife.According to article 1062 of the civil code, the following property acquired by husband and wife during the period of their marriage shall be the joint property of the husband and wife and shall be jointly owned by them. Article 2 of the following :(2) income from production, operation and investment;This event gave us a profound lesson in general law!Maintain a good husband and wife relationship should: give affection, give reason, give respect.The beginning of husband and wife’s fate is beautiful and cheerful;The break of husband and wife predestination also should understand, clean.Sometimes love and law are not very clear, some people will take advantage of this, to seek more personal interests.For example, chang Wei, the son in this case, believed that it was normal for his father Chang Zhen to give him money, which was similar to “giving a red envelope” in normal times. He did not need to ask his stepmother Tang Jing’s consent and did not have the obligation to inform Tang Jing of the purpose of the money.At this time, the importance of the law is reflected.Only law can be objective, fair and just to safeguard the individual interests of citizens.It is the right and duty of every citizen to know, understand and apply the law.The New Year is coming, set yourself a goal to study law!What do you think of this incident?Welcome to leave a comment and learn together!