Smallest cauldron ever born!The Beijing Winter Olympics also went to great lengths to be carbon neutral

2022-06-14 0 By

The Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium in Beijing yesterday.Directed by famous director Zhang Yimou, the opening ceremony showcased China’s cultural charm to the world by combining numerous creative ideas and the latest dark technology.At the opening ceremony, some people might have wondered about the cauldron.Because unlike previous flaming torches, this one is just an ordinary torch, placed by two athletes in the middle of a large “snowflake”.In this regard, Director Zhang Yimou said two unique.’One of the unique things about the torch is that it has the names of the participating countries on it,’ he said. ‘They are all snowflakes that make up the torch.’The torch of the Beijing Winter Olympics is constructed with the names of the whole world.It was the only one, and the most remarkable.The second is the fire of a slight fire.The last leg is no longer the ignition, but the last torch that passes through is the cauldron.The cauldron of past Olympics has been a huge flaming flame that burns for more than a dozen days.This is the symbol of the human spirit, the Olympic spirit, but it is not enough environmental protection, not low carbon.China wants to achieve carbon neutrality and present a low-carbon and environmentally friendly Olympics, and this little fire is the best embodiment of it.It was the first Olympic appearance in more than 100 years, a record moment.Whether you like it or not, the message is clear.Director Zhang Yimou summed up: “In the future Olympic Games, if you want to do a low carbon environmental protection” fire, please refer to the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Foresight Economist APP Information group