La Liga: Osasuna vs Atletico Madrid, big cold?

2022-06-15 0 By

Today is Saturday, knowledge, brothers, Saturday generally crazy harvest rice.Just the day, K league also started in full swing, back to the familiar weekend, the morning day b has started, early with early rice.Night game five major league selection, let’s go.Osasuna has 8 wins, 8 draws and 8 losses in La Liga this season, ranking 9th in La Liga, 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in the last 6 games, the state can only be said to be average, much worse than the beginning of the season, 3 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses in the last 10 home games, the win rate is also down a lot.However, look closely, osasuna’s recent form or a slight revival, the home draw against Sevilla.Atletico chaotic this season, 11 wins, 6 draws and 7 losses, ranked fifth in the league, lower than Barca, Barca see the current situation is better than Atletico.With two wins, one draw and four defeats in the last seven games, the team has been knocked out of all the domestic cup competitions and the league is not doing well, which could lead to the sacking of coach Diego simeone.Past nearly 6 encounters Osasuna all defeated, Atletico occupy the advantage.Institutions opened atletico to adjust half of the half bonus, the index looks less confident of Atletico, but the past battle advantage is too obvious, Atletico may welcome a rebound in the field.In terms of total goals, 2/2.5 goals were scored. From the recent state and data of the two teams, the probability of playing a small score is greater. Osasuna has certain defensive ability at home, atletico’s recent state is too unstable, and it is not expected to score too many goals.Old money recommendation: 2/2.5 ball small tracking to long, do not pick with, old money is willing to be friends with time, long-term tracking is not surplus to send, to red, to surplus.Disclaimer: update this number is just a hobby, the article is only as interest exchange, non-intervention suggestions.I will never introduce you to any platform, please do not be deceived.Lao Qian, the former product manager of the listed company in the industry, is a well-known expert in the analysis of competition lottery, and has achieved good results in the five major league and cup competitions.From Euro 2016, World Cup 2018, Copa America 2019, Euro 2021 knockout stage and Copa America knockout stage, it has achieved a win rate of over 70%.The 2022 Africa Cup of Nations knockout stage has a 75% win rate.If you want to see more of our highlights, follow the Old Money 500