The second stage of CBA is over!Four teams are underdogs, three are dark horses, and two of the favorites have fallen

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The second phase of the CBA regular season has ended on January 31, Beijing time.According to the news reported by the basketball reporter, the third stage of CBA is expected to start earlier, because the Chinese men’s basketball team has no competition task during this world preliminary tournament window.At the same time, the reporter revealed that the third stage of the CBA is likely to adopt a double division format.If so, fans from both north and South will have a chance to attend the match.Looking back at the performance of all the teams in the second stage of CBA, it can be summed up as 3 dark horses came out, 4 tragedies were born and 2 favorites fell.The first three dark horses are Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shanxi men’s basketball team.The three teams currently sit in second, seventh and ninth place respectively in the standings.Shanghai men’s basketball overall lineup from the off-season after the blood, and last season’s performance is completely different.Whether it is the speed of the fast break down, or the execution of tactics and techniques, all reflect the appearance of a championship team.The most important point, Shanghai team from the bench to the first, all the players are very strong.If nothing goes wrong, The Shanghai men’s basketball team will be a big favorite.And Guangzhou men’s basketball team and Shanxi men’s basketball team, the two teams do not have any big players.However, the content presented in the game is very solid, and it can be seen that every player’s concentration on the court is very high.It is worth noting that guangzhou and Shanxi have one player who entered CBA from college league respectively, they are Zhang Ning and Zhu Mingzhen.So through the progress of these two players, can also feel the ambition of the dark horse team.As for the four major tragedies, they are from Tongxi, Ningbo, Jiangsu and Fujian.To know that the total wins of the four teams add up, there is no guangzhou team currently more wins, and Tongxi has suffered 25 consecutive losses, Ningbo is 10 consecutive losses.If the slump continues, these four teams will almost certainly be out of the playoffs.The last two CBA champions were Guangdong and Xinjiang.Xinjiang currently sits 13th in the standings, but their results have plummeted since Zhou’s departure.The fundamental reason is the tactics of Adijiang, basically around Zhou Qi and carry out, Zhou Qi suddenly left, Xinjiang team must be a process of reconstruction.As for guangdong men’s basketball team, two factors led to the team’s downfall.First, the form of most of the first team has declined due to age, and second, the performance of the young substitutes has been “disastrous”.So the two teams want to reverse the situation, must be fundamentally governance.Fellow fans, what do you think about this?Feel free to discuss it in the comments section