410 square meters skyrim luxury flat

2022-06-16 0 By

What is the concept of having a 410 square meter skyrim floor?This door model can give you the feeling like a kind of dream, let us take such good longing, walk into this door model together.Elevator independent hallway is standard, after taking the door, there is rich porch storage space, practical also is one of the essential elements as a person of extraordinary residence.The most bright spot of the whole apartment is the activity hall, which can reach 7m with an internal area of more than 180 square meters. There is a super rich corner balcony, and you can make a frameless swimming pool in the sky.You can feel the pleasure of swimming at home.Activity hall still used the way that recreational teahouse, dining-room, sofa hall arranges horizontally, 3 connect horizontal hall lets dimensional rich feeling instantly reflect.The design of the super French window in the sky can not only satisfy the lighting, but also lead the scenery into the room, so that the colorful outdoor scenery naturally transition to the interior. Just think, the breeze and sunshine float in, and the life is closely surrounded by the breath of nature, so that the essence of the most simple life is reflected incisively and vividly.There are three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.The master bedroom, in particular, is completely five-star presidential suite configuration, internal double cloakroom, a separate leisure area and air streamline balcony, as well as a large bathroom with Spa function, can meet all kinds of life functions.President living room in the sky sky swimming pool three horizontal hall, highlights the luxurious temperament Queen’s wardrobe building facade, science fiction sense how do you feel about such a house?