Fuzhou luozhou bridge under the road water into a “river”, citizens wade out

2022-06-18 0 By

N Haitu all media reporter MAO Chaoqing recently, Mr. Lin, a citizen, told reporters that fuzhou Luozhou Bridge under the Longxiang Road and jiangzhong Village road at the junction, often water, past citizens need to wade out, very inconvenient!12 morning, the reporter came to the scene, found that although the water on the road has receded a lot, but there is still a section of the road water is deep, the car passed quickly, splashing a lot of water, to the public travel caused no small trouble.Mr. Chen, a citizen, told reporters that because of the low position of the road, luozhou bridge down the water are deposited in this road, road and no sewer, such as water receded for a few days, I hope the department can deal with it as soon as possible.The reporter then called the fuzhou government service hotline 12345, which staff said they had registered the case and forwarded it to relevant departments.Editor: Chen Chen