The person with high blood pressure cannot drink green tea?Warning: If you want to stabilize blood pressure, these 3 things can be done regularly

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Tea culture originated in China and can be traced back to thousands of years ago.According to the degree of fermentation, tea is divided into green tea (unfermented tea), oolong tea (semi-fermented tea) and black tea (fermented tea).In particular, green tea is the most popular tea beverage in the world at present. In The Collection of Materia Medica in the Tang Dynasty of China, it is said that people who drink a lot of green tea are less likely to suffer from various diseases, so the impact on health is concerned by all walks of life.So, can people with high blood pressure drink green tea?Green tea contains catechins and theanine, which can effectively prevent high blood pressure and reduce blood pressure by alleviating smooth muscle contraction, repairing vascular inflammation and fighting oxidative stress.Because catechins inhibit angiotensin converting enzyme, an enzyme that makes substances involved in blood vessel constriction and increased blood pressure.In addition, catechin is a polyphenol, has a strong antioxidant effect, can prevent the aging of blood vessels, inhibit high blood pressure.To sum up, green tea can aid in lowering blood pressure.However, it should be noted that green tea, like coffee, contains a large amount of caffeine, do not overdose when eating, and pay attention to the concentration of green tea when drinking tea, too strong words, but not conducive to the stability of blood pressure, achieve the opposite effect.1. Alcohol It is well known that the more alcohol you drink, the higher your blood pressure.Alcohol absorbed into cells is converted into acetaldehyde by the body’s digestive enzymes.Acetaldehyde temporarily dilates blood vessels, so blood pressure drops temporarily after drinking alcohol.But if you continue drinking, acetaldehyde turns into acetic acid, which lowers the concentration in the blood, causing blood vessels to constrict and blood pressure to rise.2, light salt water is now circulating on the Internet a glass of light salt water on an empty stomach in the morning, can promote blood circulation, good for health, many people have followed suit.But that is not suitable for people with high blood pressure, salt contains large amounts of sodium ion composition, excessive edible, can make the increased blood flow to the body, cause water sodium retention, increased blood pressure, 3, high-sugar drinks contain sugar drinks everyone to stay away from, because eating too much sugar can lead to blood becomes cloudy, the body will try to make the blood flow.As a result, the body tries to increase the amount of water in the blood, leading to weakened blood vessels, increased blood volume, hardening of the arteries and increasing blood pressure.People with high blood pressure, usually can do these three things, the more smooth or can make blood pressure value slowly a, do more exercise in China published “the hypertension non-drug treatment guidelines,” is explicitly pointed out that exercise can lower blood pressure, suggest that people with high blood pressure, can take time every day to do some aerobic exercise, for example: jogging, fast walking, rope skipping and so on.These sports can promote the rapid metabolism of sodium ion, can have certain auxiliary effect to antihypertensive.Two, eat more potassium-containing food people with high blood pressure can eat more potassium-containing food in their daily life, but also insist on exercise, develop good living habits, adhere to the supplement of nutrients, so that it will be effective.Keeping in good health can not be completed overnight, but need to accumulate over a long period of time, so as to harvest a healthy body.Three, often according to the two points of traditional Chinese medicine to regulate hypertension, the more common acupoint massage method, Taichong, Fengchi these two antihypertensive acupoints are more commonly used in Traditional Chinese medicine acupoints: 1, Taichong acupoint: the depression between the second toe and the big toe uses:Lr 3 point is one of the important points on foot jue Yin liver meridian, with flat liver XiFeng, t2dm analgesic effect, can massage when I was in high blood pressure, is good for maintaining blood pressure, wind pool 2 hole hole is a relatively common wind pool health big holes, belong to the foot shaoyang bile, acupuncture point is located on both sides of a big muscle after brow parallel to the earlobe, relieve problems such as high blood pressure caused by headache,It is also a commonly used acupoint for regulating hypertension in clinical practice.Tip:In addition to the several small methods mentioned above, people with high blood pressure also need to pay attention to long-term blood pressure monitoring, to guard against complications caused by continuous increase in blood pressure. After diagnosis of hypertension, long-term medication is required under the guidance of doctors, not to increase or decrease the dose or stop the medication. At the same time, life habits should be less oil, less sugar and less salt.Especially salt intake is too large to maintain the stability of blood pressure is very unfavorable.Reference: Coffee, Tea and Prevention of High Blood Pressure Medical Examiner: Pallavi Suyog Uttekar, May 7, 2021 Follow @Tomato Health  Share knowledge about health and wellness every day