A value of 10 million hotel naming strategy, 90% of people are not willing to do

2022-06-21 0 By

A few days ago, the hotel to make money on the need to reduce dimension blow, many hotel owners do not understand what the meaning, take the name to do.For example, in some small cities and counties, hotel names of big international brands have appeared, which is to remove a certain word and then change it.Sheraton, for example, in a word, to become a huan to climb, or the flight board, etc., such as Hilton, it can be turned into a fly, or Greek characters and so on, to head tail device can replace one word, let customers think this is a big brand owned by other brands is a group chain, related to sheraton hotel,As long as his decoration is not too bad, basically there are not too many problems.Take this name first it can eat a corresponding flow heat, the second word it will have a brand premium, you do not look down on this name may be some people look down on this operation, but it is in many cities of the nineteenth line, it is very wide laugh.Many people who have never lived in a hotel or a different hotel really think that this brand is really a big international brand, and the premium of the brand is generated in this way, which is a blow to dimension reduction.For us, of course, this in the city or the hotel, will be more knowledge about the brand one camp matrix, but for many customers, they are idiots, they do not know, as long as you decorate a big bad not bad, your name will be a very good effect, pay attention to me, share hotel owners are understand knowledge of dry goods.