Qingdao barber shop manager invited female customers to visit home, and then caused women to abort and sick cases

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“The prodigal son turns back to jin Bubo” originally meant that a loafer, a man who did not do his duty, woke up and turned over a new leaf, which was a valuable thing. Later, it also extended to the field of emotion, and became a golden saying for men who cheated and played with women’s feelings.The woman who falls into the whirlpool of love, often with this self-encourage, feel that the “prodigal son” will change for her, the fact proves that the change of heart is not without, but the feelings of cheater emerge in endlessly.The lady of the beam that works in Qingdao, be hurt by the body of liu mou of lothard son of love heartbreak, finally even ask for justice all have no door, full of sorrow can swallow oneself only, the friend of side also can sigh 1: “too silly!”What happened to her?Ms. Liang is a 90, young beautiful, usually also pay attention to personal image, beauty makeup, hairdressing shop is common, because often patronize, also do membership card.She was enthusiastic and cheerful. When she was getting her hair done, she would chat with the hairdresser, but she fell into a premeditated emotional trap.In the understanding of barbershop manager Liu mou, Ms. Liang just ended a paragraph of affection soon, still remain sad and resentful.Liu mou serves as store manager, to beautiful and moving, it is the beam lady nature that senior client is every possible to please, after understanding her situation between chat, advocate gave her a friendship price, win her good opinion, also smoothly added her V letter.Liu mou is mixed in hairdressing industry for many years, see a person’s facial expression, the ability that makes a person happy also can’t be overlooked, just miss Liang is in empty window period, he takes advantage of the opportunity to enter, always be considerate and considerate, invite her to see a movie again, treat to have a meal and so on, the heart lake of Madam Liang was ripplinged, gave birth to sincere feeling to him.Be in two people ambiguous hazy, when feeling enters good condition gradually, Liu mou invites her to be a guest in the home, have dinner, two people chat hard to part, produced a few indescribable things, confirmed amorous relationship later, cohabitation comes together even.Can be passionately in love period has not passed, Ms. Liang discovers Liu mou always carries her back to make a phone call, once she hears him to call the person in the phone unintentionally “wife”, she suspects Liu Mou is cheating on her, quarreled with him.Finally learned that Liu mou really two feet, but he is that “small three”.The feelings of the most intolerable is cheating, Ms. Liang is also angry, but in Liu’s sweet words and promise to divorce the oath, and even forgive him.The original Liu mou said he and his wife had no feelings, has been separated, just because of the children, did not deal with divorce.In fact, for whatever reason, it is illegal and not legally protected to develop a relationship with someone other than your spouse during your marriage.And those who violate the principle of marital fidelity are usually not responsible and lack of moral concepts. How can such a man be worthy of being entrusted with his life?No matter how lovely it is, it’s not right for her to intrude into someone else’s family, and if she breaks up and cuts her losses, the pain will not befall her later.Unfortunately, Ms. Liang, who was immersed in the trap of tenderness, was blinded by love and could not see her situation clearly. She felt that she could “win” the heart of the prodigal son.During cohabitation, Ms. Liang discovered that she was pregnant, had the crystallization of love, this should be full of joy, she urged Liu mou to divorce, prepare for the birth of the child, but Liu Mou was determined to let her kill.With a cold attitude and no sense of responsibility, Ms. Liang slowly saw his personality.Later, the child or lost, from then on, Liu to her increasingly indifferent, even her fever are ignored.The ambiguous chat that still appears in the mobile phone and other woman, even so Ms. Liang still does not wish to give up this paragraph of feeling easily, always think oneself sincere pay can move prodigal son, let him change one’s mind.Until she was unwell to the hospital to do an examination, the test results showed that she was infected with HPV, and because of abortion, it may be difficult to conceive later, that moment, she felt dizzy, difficult to accept, she questioned whether he was in the outside, but Liu ignored her, a few days later also screened her.She realized that she had fallen in love with the wrong man and would regret it for the rest of her life.Liu refused to see him, she can only call the police, in an attempt to find justice for themselves, but her relationship with Liu this is against the public order and good customs, the police know, took her to find Liu, also can only give her a chance to negotiate, after all, she and Liu is your love I wish relationship, is not suspected of illegal crime.Liang wanted Liu to cover the cost of her treatment, and liu took her to a hospital for an examination after negotiations, but after learning that the treatment would cost a large amount of money, she disappeared.Ms. Liang went to his barbershop, he also avoided to see.Ms. Liang can only appeal to reporters, so Ms. Liang can protect their rights and interests through legal means?According to paragraph 1 of Article 6 of the Original Tort Liability Law, “an actor who infringes upon the civil rights and interests of others due to his fault shall bear tort liability.”HPV is a contagious disease, if Liu mou knows he has this disease, still have a relationship with Ms. Liang, resulting in Ms. Liang was infected, personal safety rights and interests were infringed, then Liu mou is to bear the corresponding responsibility.But there is no clear evidence to prove this point, as to the physical damage caused by abortion, women have reproductive freedom, can choose to be born or not born, no one can be forced, Ms. Liang chose abortion is voluntary, Liu mou does not constitute infringement, so she can only bear the bitter fruit of unclear knowledge.Ms. Liang could not seek an explanation for herself from the legal way, because she was still unrepentant after learning that she was “small three”.If yoo s wife sues her, she will not be able to punish a man who cheated on a woman, but will have to take legal responsibility.In Lu Xun’s opinion, comedy is tearing up the worthless things for people to see.Ms. Liang this magnificent and victorious love, from the moment of moral violation, became a joke.It is shameful for Liu to play with his feelings and cheat them, but it is pathetic for Ms. Liang who really has a chance to “turn back”.(Privacy concerns, the names of the people in this case are all pseudonyms, some pictures are from the Internet, only to match the narrative.Warm reminder: respect the original, please do not copy handling and reprint oh.