The US 82nd Airborne Division failed in deterrence, and the Kremlin signed an agreement with The Chinese side, turning the tide

2022-06-21 0 By

The Ukraine issue is becoming complicated as the United States has begun sending more weapons and equipment to Ukraine and sent the elite 82nd Airborne Division to the Polish-Ukrainian border, according to local media.In the face of continued pressure from the US-led NATO alliance, Moscow has also begun to seek further cooperation with other peace-loving nations.Russia and major Asian countries have recently cooperated in the field of energy trade, and the two countries will also work together to maintain international peace and stability.These changes have taken the U.S. by surprise, making it difficult to fully contain Russia over Ukraine.According to the Associated Press, on the orders of President Joe Biden, well-equipped U.S. paratroopers aboard C-17 strategic transport planes arrived in Poland’s southeastern border area with Ukraine on Feb. 6.The US made it clear that it was acting out of fears of A Russian “invasion” of Ukraine.More than 1,700 U.S. troops are already deployed.Their commander, Maj. Gen. Christopher Donahue, has extensive combat experience and was “honored” to be the last American soldier to leave Afghanistan last year.Russia has put direct pressure on Moscow by moving elite paratroopers to the Polish-Ukrainian border.In addition to dispatching personnel to the relevant area, According to the Russian satellite network on February 11, Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov publicly said that two planes carrying U.S. military weapons recently arrived in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.These U.S. weapons include a large number of javelin anti-tank missiles, which are apparently capable of striking heavy blows against Russian army tanks and armored vehicles, comprehensively improving the Ukrainian military’s ability to deal with the Russian army.So far, the United States has provided more than 1,200 tons of military supplies to Ukraine in recent months, via 15 sorties of aircraft transport, and more weapons and equipment will be sent to Kiev in the future, which will partly improve the level of defense of the Ukrainian army.The shift from inaction to activism suggests a subtle shift in attitude at the White House and Pentagon.The situation with Ukraine has actually become more tense and fractious against the backdrop of increasing US military assistance.From Russia’s point of view, There is no way out for Moscow, because the Russian economy has not been doing well in recent years, which has seriously affected Russia’s weapons modernization plans.Russia has been touting its new aircraft carrier for years without a single design, let alone construction.In fact, Russia is capable of building large aircraft carriers of its own, this is not due to technical reasons and lack of funds.At critical times, the Asian powers are clearly Russia’s biggest backstop.Russia has signed large energy cooperation contracts with Asian countries. As one of the world’s most populous and economic powers, Russia’s stable users of natural gas and oil will undoubtedly guarantee the bottom of its economy.The two countries also share the same attitude on some international issues and are committed to maintaining international stability. It is foreseeable that the cooperation between the two countries will become the mainstay of stabilizing the global situation for a long time to come.