“Variable 4” : “Trees move to die, people move to live.” Smart people react flexibly to the changing world

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At the beginning of each year to buy new books, there must be he Fan teacher “variable”.Three consecutive years of action, is not passion, but inertia.Teacher He Fan, who is determined to write the changes of China’s economy in the past 30 years, has become more and more accurate as time advances to the fourth year. As long as readers buy Variable 4, they have higher and more vigorous expectations to get the small trends in the future.Still remember the “tuyere” mentioned in variable 1 in 2018, Lei Jun said: pigs can fly as long as they stand in the tuyere.The general trend is not to explore, explore also can not catch up, because the tuyere is flowing, like running after a tornado.Teacher He fan’s goal in writing the book is to find those subtle but ongoing trends.So will small trends become big trends in the future?No one can make a 100% bet.But it has made many people obsessed with “Variables”, believing that the future is uncertain and the book is worthless.I read Variables only as a reference for ideas. In fact, any book that offers knowledge sharing is just a reference for variables.There is no course or book that can input knowledge point to point into people’s brains. All of them need to be re-created by individuals, and the process of re-creation is our own growth and discovery.The key word in Face Change 4 is “move”, which is not new. It means to move strategically within a certain range, and to put the overall situation at the top of the list.It sounds like nothing, but it’s a very difficult intellectual act.Because the premise of “move” is in an unfavorable situation, which is a way of thinking when the dilemma or the impasse, in the military strategy is a roundabout tactic, the goal is to win more space for victory.Luo Zhenyu summed up in his New Year’s Eve speech that moving means: no hard touch, clever turn around, change ideas, open a new bureau.And in the whole speech, a circular sentence: “Originally things can be done in this way”, is also his interpretation of the theme of “move”.People who have worked in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the most common greeting is “where are you from?””, “I’ve been to your hometown”, which means most likely not from Beijing.As a sensitive and socially connected word, hometown is a social topic to discuss.My hometown is in the capital city of northeast China. When I graduated from college in 2003, I really encountered a big bottleneck. It took me one year to find a suitable job.At that time, I did not understand the economic decline of northeast China, and I did not have any macro perspective. I simply thought, Let’s look at it in another place.When I arrived in Beijing, I realized that I was a frog in the bottom of a well. I was proficient in graphic design skills, professional art foundation, and highly sought-after “little talent” in advertising companies and internal recruitment of enterprises. Although my basic salary was not high when I was just starting out, there were too many companies to choose from and opportunities were everywhere.I muddleheaded ground undertook the space to go up “tenggize”, to oneself professional understanding also produced earth-shaking change.So far, rationally speaking, it is not suitable for everyone to leave their hometown. The Internet has reduced the gap between first-tier cities and small and medium-sized cities.The premise of leaving is that it is really an emerging industry that needs field innovation, so the initial workplace choice is to try to go to the city with a large demand, have the opportunity to throw into the furnace to hone, in order to clearly see the truth of the future.② Cycle shift: waiting for the captain to find the charger cycle is irregular fluctuations, and unpredictable.The magnitude and breadth of disturbances to the economic system, especially in the wake of the Novel Coronavirus reshuffle, has kept many on alert and averse to uncertainty.In Beijing, the earthquake is more obvious. Last year, the education and training industry was cut off so that all parents and teachers surprised off the chin, sunrise industry became a downcast industry overnight, even if the national policy, Beijing as the “earthquake area”, is far faster than other cities to cut the mess.Circle of friends of the make-up teachers, have mass hair departure date, every day in advance, urgent, imperative.Everyone focused on new Oriental yu Minhong, the person in charge of the new Oriental, he put the money back to parents and students are back, the staff go to the “N+1”, but also to the new Oriental back more than 1000 teaching points, extra desks and chairs, teaching equipment, so far has donated 150,000 sets of……What happened in 2021 is summed up by Yu Minhong as the psychological process of the education and training industry: “The initial depression existed, but after this feeling passed, it actually brought me and New Oriental Endless new development opportunities in the future.”It remains to be seen whether Yu Minhong, who has moved from an education and training institution to an e-commerce platform for agricultural products, from the countryside to the countryside and back to the “countryside”, can make a comeback.But at least he realized the cycle of movement, even if the forced suspension of the cycle, full of tiger fell pingyang sad.But from the perspective of Yu Minhong’s mentality during this period, he is making adjustments and summaries, not cultivating the next sunrise industry, but looking for something to do, looking for the original aspiration of new Oriental, the joy and love.Mr Yu in his WeChat ID “gossip” old yu wrote: “I grew up in the countryside, from the age of 1 to 18 years as long as in my hometown can I planted all kinds of, since the childhood like to see the difference from the ground, become green, after the frost after winter vigorous growth, finally produce grain, golden brought me great happiness.”What an organization is most afraid of is turning from prosperity to decline and going downhill.However, since the arrival of the Novel Coronavirus in 2019, countless companies and individuals have had to face this situation.”I have found a better way to deal with the decline of organizations,” he said. “That is to move.”A big organization, it’s going to have a lot of small organizations in it.Within countries, you have different cities;Within the enterprise, there are different departments.Small organizations follow the rules of large organizations, but there are differences between small organizations: some emphasize discipline more, some emphasize freedom more;Some are faster, some are slower.To a member of an organization, he belongs to both a large organization and a small organization.In this way, employees can move from one department to another within an enterprise, and people can move from one place to another within a country.Before the Spring Festival of 2022, the community I lived in became a high-risk epidemic disaster area. Since January 22, the community has been under lockdown, and the property management has been in an orderly way. In the past two years, I have gained some experience and materials in prevention and control, and quickly completed the government’s temporary prevention and control decisions.Unfortunately, on The 28th day of the 12th lunar month, one of the property management staff was diagnosed with a case, leading to centralized isolation of the entire property management staff. The community was divided into 11 isolation areas, which were taken over by a temporary prevention and control team deployed by the government.The organization is in disarray. The biggest problem is that food and daily supplies cannot be transferred to the quarantined population without contact.If it is one or two buildings of home isolation, relatively easy to handle.Can be isolated into 11 grid areas, there are 16,000 residents waiting for supplies for the New Year, the organization to take over the name of more than 30 buildings, four doors of the material receiving point, are familiar with a period of time, causing a great panic.But in just one day, the problem was solved.The management personnel are responsible for disinfection from the four gate electric vehicle, transport goods to each outlet door.Volunteers were collected in the grid, protective clothing, goggles and other epidemic prevention items were allocated, and temporary “building chief” docking was set up, so that residents naturally knew the basic situation of the building well. Finally, on the 30th day of the Chinese New Year, the largest order distribution task was completed.After the “long building” every day in the group and downstairs called for nucleic acid time, orderly.Having experienced a change in the organization, I have a deeper understanding of the “move” mentioned by Teacher He Fan, which is similar to the innovative management of Beijing Jinsong Beili community mentioned by Luo Zhenyu in his New Year’s Speech.The basis of moving is to find the break point. The first step is to recognize whether our minds believe there is a break point, whether it is ingrained in Mr. Lost and Ms. Lost.Our understanding of power has always been an immutable, impenetrable force in the traditional consciousness.But in the 21st century, another requirement is on the rise: the ability to maneuver.As Teacher He Fan said, “Strength is something that cannot be turned around. It is a kind of energy that is constantly transformed, and also a kind of life that repeats itself.”At the end: Professor Lu Ming, an economics professor from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, once said that he liked Variables because he could get to know some groups and fields that he was not familiar with, and know some important things that are being ignored at present.Like Professor Lu Ming, many readers are looking forward to using Professor He fan’s “eagle eye” to make up for the missing details of the past year.Variable 4 is relatively light on field trips, focusing on smart people’s actions, flexible “wiggling” strategies to deal with a rapidly changing world.Xiang Biao, an anthropologist, said in His book “Taking Yourself as a Method” : “Every moment we are in can be a turning point in history, with multiple possibilities for change.How to understand and grasp these inflection points has become a very important problem.”An inflection point is sometimes a visible opportunity, and sometimes a seemingly hopeless impasse.A desperate situation is not to wait for a silver lining, but to move the Angle of wisdom, looking for the opportunity to breed under the “desperate”.Use each book to explore a fundamental problem – read slowly, think long and deeply, and refuse to act short and fast