“I’m here to welcome the Winter Olympics” Tommy Lindsay: Where there is life, there is movement

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The opening ceremony of the 24th Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held in the National Stadium, the Bird’s Nest, at 8 PM on February 4, 2022.A “Yanshan snow as big as the mat”, attracted the attention of the world.Friends and athletes from all over the world gather together to celebrate.As a Chinese saying goes, “seeing is believing.” As a new international youth who understand China and connect the world, foreign students from Peking University have actively paid attention to, supported and participated in the Winter Olympics with practical actions.In addition to the 10 volunteers and 6 opening ceremony actors, another 30 international students from PKU watched the simple and wonderful opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.Tommy Lindsay, from the UK, who grew up in Beijing, is one of them.Fourteen years ago, Tommy was a second-grader at Fangcaodi Primary School in Beijing.That year, he had the honor to perform at the closing ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, singing the Olympic Anthem in Greek with his classmates as the Olympic flag was lowered at the closing ceremony.In the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Tommy has become an opening ceremony spectator and has also grown into an athlete.Tommy participated in a 60-hour wilderness adventure race on the Greek island of Naxos, participated in Spartan races, continued running, and branched out into ultramarathons.For Tommy Lindsay, sport is a spiritual coordinate, a habit in his daily life.Chorus at the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (Tommy: first from the right, second row) “All athletes should understand the meaning and feelings of the Olympic Games.”Tommy’s father was an amateur marathoner, drawn to China by running marathons along the Ming Dynasty’s Great Wall from Jiayuguan to Shanhaiguan, a 2,000-kilometer route.”Ever since I was a child, I have always liked to go cross-country running in huairou and jiankou Great Wall area of Beijing.”Tommy not only inherited the hobby of the marathon, but also to the development to “super marathon”, cross-country race to try to break through the limit further, as early as a few years ago, tommy and his brother plans to be the father of the running marathon route again, and continue in shanhaiguan east ran, ran to the city of dandong wuhushan wall,That could add up to more than 4,500 kilometers.Now Tommy is about to graduate from his senior year. He has decided to run an ultramarathon in North China for half a year after graduation, and set the route he has planned for several years as his first goal after graduation.Although Tommy’s beloved ultramarathon will not appear in the Winter Olympics, he firmly believes that the spirit of self-improvement and self-improvement has special meaning for all sports and all people.In the opening ceremony, the snowflake torch focused on everyone’s eyes. The candlelit flame was embraced by the snowflakes symbolizing different countries. The picture was not only warm and moving, but also showed the cohesion, appeal and appeal of sports spirit.Tommy thinks that the big snowflake of the opening ceremony can not only be used to interpret the transmission and communication of sportsmanship between countries, but also can be used to reflect the mutual encouragement of sportsmanship between individuals.Tommy takes the people around him as an example. Influenced by his persistence in training ultramarathons, many of Tommy’s friends and relatives have gradually developed the habit of fitness. He believes that health is the most basic goal of exercise, and his persistence in exercise encourages the people around him to pass on a healthy lifestyle.Tommy believes that the Olympics will definitely attract and encourage people to enjoy sports, so that sports will naturally enter People’s Daily life and form a healthy mental outlook and social atmosphere.Tommy at the scene of the 2022 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony of the movement of insist, tommy think holding growth is the key to break through the self, the daily set as can touch for a moving target, and change environment artificially to suitable for sports, sports motivation, can also be set for yourself to change by self recognition, determine the cognitive, make their own thinking positive and optimistic,Believe you have room for improvement, and act on it.Tommy’s gradual self-motivation not only helps the body get used to the exercise routine, but also motivates the mind to be positive, often from others.Tommy recalled a Spartan warriors race he had participated in. He saw an amputee firefighter challenge a full course obstacle course, which gave Tommy great inspiration and moved him to realize the high limit of human spirit and physical ability.In addition to a growth mindset, Tommy sees building an athletic identity as key to persistence. He believes that building a positive identity means that people start subjectively loving sports rather than seeing it as a daily task. “I’ve made running a very important part of my identity,” he says.Tommy adds that changing and establishing a sense of who you are can help people embrace sports as a natural part of their lives, rather than as a purposeful “hobby” or “game” that they have to push themselves through.The 2022 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony although tommy has super marathon as a hobby, but he has a special on their exercise capacity sober understanding, as he said: “I was to go with her, with myself than yesterday, my movement is not just for the sake of grades or MEDALS, more is for the sake of my own and people’s health.Sports are so infectious and so appealing, why wouldn’t I do it?”For Tommy, exploring the limits of human endurance and speed is the meaning of ultramarathons, and he believes that the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will not only bring more people to the attention and participation of ice sports, but also spur the development of other sports.”The Winter Olympics, as a global sports event, will surely inspire more people with the spirit of sports and spread the vitality of sports around the world. It is true that there is no end to life and no end to movement.”Source: International Student Office, Department of International Cooperation, Peking University