She is a genius of The Chinese women’s volleyball team. Why was she kicked out of the national team and denied employment for life?

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The Chinese women’s volleyball team has always been the pride of the Chinese people. There is no lack of talent in this team, but it would be useless if the swift horse could not meet Bo Le.Zhang Jinwen was lang Ping’s protege, no matter her strength, or Lang Ping’s love for her, are no less than zhu Ting later.But Zhu Ting, as a rising star, has already led the Chinese women’s volleyball team to one glory after another and made a name for herself.But Zhang Jinwen has been suffering from dirty disease, Lang Ping even publicly voiced that I have a day in the national team, will not let Zhang Jinwen return to the team.Entering the national team is every athlete’s ultimate dream, lang ping’s words amounted to the ruin of Zhang Jinwen’s future.What happened after all, let this pair of former masters become enemies, and how does the zhang Jinwen life leave the national team?In the 1990s, the Chinese women’s Volleyball team also had a period of decline.Lang Ping was ordered to return to China for the formation of a new team, zhang Jinwen is in this stage into the vision of Lang Ping.Zhang Jinwen has been practicing volleyball since she was a child. She is very tall and has excellent jumping ability. Her volleyball skills and improvisability also surpass those of other players at the same time.She made her mark in women’s volleyball as a teenager and won three MVP awards at the Junior World Championships.What is this concept? At present, only Zhu Ting and Yang Hanyu have ever reached this level in the sports world. It shows that Zhang Jinwen is intrepent in strength.This early glory has passed, but this experience is enough to show that Zhang jinwen is also a talented volleyball player.If she follows the career path of her teacher sister zhu Ting, her achievements will not be low.In 1995, After zhang Jinwen led her team to win the gold medal at the World Youth Championships, she attracted the attention of Lang Ping, the coach of The provincial team, and zhang Jinwen was admitted to the national team. Lang Ping also took her as the core of the team and determined to return to the peak of women’s volleyball.At that time just entered the national team Zhang Jinwen training or very hard, she has good physical fitness, good volleyball skills, is a rare good seedling.But a good man also needs a team of three, especially in the big ball events, the cooperation between teammates is particularly important.Zhang Jinwen, known as a volleyball genius, is not doing well in this respect. She has been absent from training on the grounds of physical discomfort.And teammates also total conflict, nature is not how good cooperation.Zhang Jinwen, who likes to go her own way, was persuaded by Lang Ping to abide by team discipline and guard against arrogance and impetuosity.Lang Ping is known for being a strict teacher, and she didn’t want to waste Zhang jinwen’s talent and skills.Lang Ping opened zhang Jinwen naturally convergence, but after a period of silence after Zhang Jinwen lang Ping can not see the place began to go his own way, but also occasionally and teammates conflict.Her insolent temper is not popular in the team, everyone dares to anger dare not speak.However, the next thing that happened was the complete ruin of Zhang Jinwen’s future, this is the sports world famous flower spill incident.There are two versions of this incident. One version says that Zhang Jinwen went to take a shower after a tense training on a hot summer day in July, and happened to catch her with a new shower that could not be used.This makes this anxious Zhang Jinwen burning, she and cleaning aunt because of this thing had a fierce quarrel, under the impulse of Zhang Jinwen will be cleaning aunt severely beat a meal.His teammates, who were packing up next door, heard the fracas and rushed over to see what they saw.Although usually they and Zhang Jinwen’s relationship is not good, but in order to maintain the image of women’s volleyball, they still rushed to block.But the blunder was made and Zhang was subsequently expelled from the national team.The second version said that Zhang Jinwen went to take a shower after training, and there were many people who caught up with the shower, and there was no free seat.At that time, an accountant surnamed Chen was taking a shower with his daughter. Seeing that Zhang did not have a shower nozzle, he offered to share one with her, while he and his child soaps nearby.Zhang Jinwen stood under the shower and did not rush to take a shower, but slowly rubbed his clothes.The mother and daughter knew the athletes were not easy, at first did not speak, but after all, the child is still young, standing for a long time will inevitably catch cold.Accountant Chen and Zhang Jinwen discuss whether they can let her daughter wash first, so that they can go out to dress.But Zhang jinwen turned a deaf ear to this. Instead of being grateful, she pushed her child to the ground.Chen and Zhang Jinwen had a fierce quarrel, even pushing and shoving action.Zhang Jinwen, who always makes public and domineering, greeted his usual training income on his colleagues.It was not easy for her teammates to pull her apart, but Chen had been beaten beyond recognition.Because the time has changed, the place is too secret, and the women’s volleyball team has its own discipline, all these theories are confused, but the first theory is generally more plausible.No one is interested in investigating the case anymore, but it is certain that Zhang jinwen was fired.She was expelled from the national team for using violence in the shower incident, and Lang Ping said bitterly that she would not be allowed to return as long as I was on the team.Lang ping’s status in the Chinese women’s volleyball team is like a lock, and a professional athlete’s golden career is only a few years, Lang’s voice is tantamount to cutting Zhang jinwen’s career short.And for her self – destructive future practice, the team also finally relieved.After zhang Jinwen was expelled, she lost the chance to participate in the Atlanta Olympic Games, which is a pity for her and her fans.Many fans came to Lang Ping, hoping to give Zhang jinwen a chance to turn over a new leaf.But Lang ping has complained about Zhang jinwen’s behavior many times before, and she can’t tolerate it happening again.No matter how good an athlete is, if he has no good virtue, he is doomed to fail to reach the top.Zhang jinwen’s behavior exposed her usual lack of discipline, but also to the women’s volleyball team blackened, such a person is not allowed to stay in the national team.After the flower asperses incident, Zhang Jinwen and Lang Ping it may be said is water and fire not allow, she is unconvinced to this decision in the heart, but also helpless.Having such life blemish, zhang Jinwen breaks away from the organization after the road goes not smooth.Fortunately, she later actively adjusted her mentality, since athletes can not do it, then become a coach.Zhang Jinwen went to Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, where she established a men’s volleyball team. Under the leadership of Zhang Jinwen, the team rose to the top and achieved good results in the university league for many times, and even won the national championship in 2016.When Zhang Jinwen boarded the podium as a head coach, people suddenly found that this is not the main players who were expelled from the national team?Perhaps it was his experience at the helm that made Zhang more sympathetic to Lang’s decision, and Lang was pleased to see her former protege mature and develop new players for China’s volleyball team in another form.Teacher and apprentice two people are in after many years finally thaw past grudge, those unpleasant let it go with the wind.Lang Ping once said that if you want to play well, you must be a good person first. Any person’s slackness will affect the state of the whole team, which is something I can’t tolerate.Some people feel regret for zhang Jinwen’s young frivolous, also some people think disposition decides destiny, this speech is not empty, Zhang Jinwen is to destroy future from oneself, have what but regret.If you like, please follow me and share more stories about people and real events. See you next time.