Chengde S11 line, Longquan to Tianfu airport S13 line!The latest progress

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Located in Chengdu Shuangliu Yixin street and gaoxin South District Dayuan group junction of Yuanxiu road, was once a dead-end road.It was opened in 2021, cutting residents’ travel time between Tianfu New Area and Dayuan by 7-8 kilometers and saving at least 20 minutes.Chengdu will have more than 20 broken roads like Yuanxiu Road opened this year. Meanwhile, the S13 line from Longquan to Tianfu Airport has started its preliminary work.Focus on the construction of “rail + bus + slow” green transportation system, focus on the construction of efficient and convenient urban road network system.In terms of optimizing the structure of the urban road network and strengthening the road traffic foundation, it continues to promote the construction of major external channels such as the east-west city axis and the northern extension line of Tianfu Avenue, and makes them into the urban traffic axis, landscape axis and functional axis with high quality.We will accelerate the construction of expressways and trunk network systems in central urban areas, improve the capacity for rapid transformation and accessibility of urban transportation, advance the construction of expressways renovation projects under construction such as the Shaxi Line and Shanbanqiao Road, and do a good job in the preliminary work of reserve projects such as Wuhou Avenue and Chuanshan Road.Promote the construction of district-level road network as a whole, promote the construction of accessible municipal roads in Jincheng Park, open up more than 20 “dead-end roads” in the central city, promote regional rapid interconnection and form a new urban traffic cycle.Tap the traffic potential of small and medium-sized streets, reasonably optimize the road section, the allocation of road rights and the traffic organization of the area, and form an organic connection and efficient circular traffic system.Street in promoting the integration of design and improve the quality of road construction, will pay attention to build the city streets “U” shaped space integration scenarios, highlight the “bus priority, slow first” concept, the construction of a safe, comfortable, convenient slow traffic system, beautify the street space, synchronous construction of municipal facilities, public facilities and convenient service facilities,To enhance the comfort and experience of public travel.How to promote 8 rail transit construction projects with high quality?According to the bureau’s rail transit construction and development department, in terms of top-level design, this year will strengthen industry management, improve rail transit construction related laws and regulations.Rail transit planning and construction operation, rail traffic safety reserve management, comprehensive development in the process of implementation problems, such as TOD, revision of the regulations on the administration of chengdu urban rail transit, on the rail traffic safety reserve outside of chengdu job management method “the ancillary facilities of the urban rail traffic of chengdu guidelines for the integration of landscape design,The Notice on Further Strengthening the Design and Management of Urban Rail Transit Projects and other documents;In the implementation of projects, promoting the construction of rail transit in the fourth period high quality planning project of line 8 second phase, three phase line 10 and line 13 issue of line, phase ii of line 17, 18, the third phase of first phase of line, 19, 27 issue of line, 30, a period of eight projects, building 176 kilometers, synchronous implementation along the rail transit as a whole supporting municipal engineering;Through THE PPP model to introduce high-level rail transit operators to the society, comprehensively improve the city’s rail transit operation management and service level;Scientifically compile the main report and supporting report of the Fifth Phase of Urban rail Transit Construction Planning of Chengdu.In terms of speeding up the construction of municipal railway and constructing the metropolitan area on the track, chengdu will continue to speed up the construction of municipal railway chengdu-Chongqing double-layer economic circle construction strategy and the requirements of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government on chengdu-Demei capital integration as an opportunity.Strive to start the construction of Chengde S11 line in October 2022, and actively do the preliminary work of S13 Line from Longquan to Tianfu Airport;We will assist in the construction of chengdu’s pilot area for integrated urban-rural development in the western part of the country, and actively carry out the preliminary work of tourism rail transit construction in the western part of the country.At the same time, urban linkage, comprehensive promotion of rail transit TOD development.In accordance with the working mechanism of “government-led, enterprise-dominated and commercialized logic” of investment, construction, operation and maintenance and the construction and operation path of “no planning, no planning, no design”, on the basis of the municipal coordinated implementation of metro TOD comprehensive development project, the introduction of international and domestic well-known planning, planning, design, construction and operation team,Accelerate the district (city) county on the implementation of TOD comprehensive development project, comprehensively promote the city two level 33 TOD comprehensive development project, perfect synchronization TOD comprehensive development projects supporting business, public facilities, municipal facilities, to build each TOD projects into living space, commercial office space, recreational space, “three life space”To form a new situation of urban linkage and enterprise interaction TOD comprehensive development.Draw lessons from the experience of subway TOD comprehensive development, explore the TOD comprehensive development along the railway in the city.Good news many ~ forward to know!Chengdu Daily statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: