Poseidon Island modeling comparison of seven sacred pillars, three justice three evil spirits, and a silly white sweet

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Guide language: the assessment of 7 holy pillars has basically all ended, we discover these 7 titles dou Luo design than any supporting role to want delicate, even already caught up with 7 strange, they have what special after all?See colorful animation, break a different river’s lake!Hello, everyone, this is Yunmanji, welcome to the animation lake.# # dou luo continent there is no doubt that the stand or fall of character modeling is determined according to the importance of character, in the years of sea island. The pillar is the main examiner him, they basically is the key to the whole sea island, because of the importance, we found that they are good modeling, and the modeling of all presents a certain regularity, can be simply divided into three groups,Justice, evil spirit and silly white sweet, next cloud diffuse will give you a detailed talk.From the modeling of the seven holy Pillars, it can be seen that their temperament revealed from the heart of the characters is different to a certain degree, and three of them are typical righteous awe-inspired players.They are seahorses, sea spears, and the last of the sea dragons.These three men belong to the tough-looking and strong-featured characters, simply understood as hard modeling, typical combat soul division and full of sense of justice, and the rest of the people are not so.In comparison with the justice trio, there are three characters who look very evil. They are the rest of the male characters: Sea Demon, sea ghost and starfish.These three pillars because of their strange skills lead to their appearance is bound to match it, especially the sea false and sea ghost, they are relying on illusion to subdue the opponent, so look more evil, and as for starfish, his soul is probably the most frightening one.There is only one female guardian in the seven sacred pillars, she is the lovely Sea girl Douluo, called sea witch in the original.Set in this role is a lovely little girl, although is titles the bucket, but the character is like a child, so she also and all other guardians the pillar modeling is different, like in pettish lovely mermaid, weapon is a flute, on the whole she does not belong to the evil spirit’s also don’t belong to justice Lin however, is his own unique style.When we look at the modeling of the Seven Pillars, we find that the looks of these characters are actually designed according to their human design, or directly based on their spirit and ability.Most of the strong-featured characters are actually aggressive and powerful, while the crafty ones are often used to assist or control soul masters, so the Sea Witch is a unique design.Assault units tend to be physically strong and support or control the rear units so they tend to be more cunning and lean. The seven Pillars are well modelled in this respect.05 later stage is also a supporting role, why against the seven holy pillars of the examination mystery to do so long?And why did you model the pillars so carefully?Actually saw one bucket sequel friend knew for certain, in fact, the sea island of seven will appear behind the pillar, the so-called not important person may be a casual design, but if the play is necessary importance should be attached more important supporting role or, in the sea island story, seven the pillar is leading role, and they still play an important role in later in the story, is should be under design.06 conclusion if you watch carefully you will find, actually seven pillar modeling is very fine, not at all three lines in a supporting role modeling, the modeling and seven strange actually is a have a spell, each role has its own characteristics, each character is very different, believe that later in the story that several characters will have a good performance.Comic fans, which of the seven Pillars is your favorite character?Well, today’s cartoon story and everyone to talk about here, like a little partner can pay attention to, can also be private cloud diffuse, there is a question must answer!I am yunman bacteria, mountain high water far, we river’s lake goodbye!Article | cloud diffuse bacteria plagiarism