Husband and wife team on the front line of baise War

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Huang Yuzhong led the police to sign the petition, na under fresh fingerprints.Ran Jingjia / / China Youth Daily client news (Reporter Xie Yang, correspondent Gan Xian ran Jingjia) “Safe today!”Huang Yuzhong, a railway police officer, sent a wechat message to wei Chunying, the wife of the nurse, at around 18:00 on February 9 after a shift shift with his colleagues.This is the couple agreed: no matter how busy they are, they will send a wechat message to each other to report safety and tell each other to pay attention to their own protection.Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic has quietly spread in Baise, Guangxi. As of 12 o ‘clock on February 11, the number of local confirmed cases in Baise had reached 227.Railway police Huang Yuzhong and “angel in white” Wei Chunying this couple hand in hand retrograde, one in the crowd to pull up the epidemic prevention work of the protection network, a guardian of the health of the people’s lives and safety of the defense line.Huang yuzhong and Wei Chunying on the mobile phone exchange peace.Huang Yuzhong is an instructor at the Tiandong North Police Station of Nanning Railway Public Security Bureau. After the outbreak of the epidemic in Baise city, he was preparing for his rest without saying a word and resolutely threw himself into the fight against the epidemic.Every day, Huang yuzhong worked tirelessly to organize the implementation of internal protection measures such as elimination of police stations, police temperature testing, epidemic prevention materials distribution and railway station containment management, while increasing the patrol of railway stations and lines, assisting the railway station to implement “no up or down” epidemic prevention measures.Huang Yuzhong advised from the violation of home quarantine regulations came to the train station without authorization of mother and child.Ran Jingjia/Photo On the evening of February 8, a middle-aged woman did not follow the requirements of home quarantine, and took her son to avoid the various barriers, from Tiandong county to Tiandong railway station on foot more than 10 kilometers, to buy a ticket to take a train to the hometown of laibin.The station staff repeatedly dissuaded the woman, but she still went her own way.Huang yuzhong saw that he could not make sense with the woman, so he explained to the boy that the whole area of Baise city “do not enter or leave” and “do not go up or down” epidemic prevention measures of high-speed railway stations.Through talking to the boy, Huang yuzhong got the phone number of the mother and son’s family.After work, the mother and son were driven home by their family members under the guidance of local police.Wei Chunying works at an outdoor nucleic acid collection site.After the outbreak of COVID-19, Wei Chunying, a nurse in charge of tiandong County People’s Hospital, arranged for her two children and the elderly and volunteered to join the nucleic acid collection team.Since February 8, Tiandong county has officially carried out the first round of nucleic acid testing for all its staff.As a member of the outdoor nucleic acid collection team, Wei Chunying needs to face a large number of people every day. She often works for 6 hours at the nucleic acid collection site in spite of cold wind, and sometimes she is even busy until late at night.Since the local nucleic acid test was launched, Wei has collected more than 800 people a day on average, and has collected more than 2,400 people so far.Under the white protective suit, there were her aching arms, which repeated the same movement over and over again, her hands, which had been frozen almost senseless after each sample was sterilized, and her face, which had been strangled with crimson marks.Source: China Youth Daily client