Over 700,000 people tuned in!Qianxinan anti-drug knowledge network broadcast class opened

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On April 1, qianxinan Drug Control Office, Qianxinan Education Bureau and Qianxinan People’s Procuratorate jointly launched a live online course on drug control knowledge in Xingyi No. 5 Middle School. The home-school joint drug prevention distance education was conducted for all primary and secondary schools in Xingyi.More than 700,000 students, teachers and some parents in the prefecture watched and learned remotely or through mobile phone “Tencent Classroom” in each sub-venue, and jointly attended a special “first lesson of anti-drug school”.The teacher live broadcast the anti-drug knowledge.Feng Hua, a teacher from the Education Bureau of Qianxinan Prefecture, hosted the live broadcast.Feng hua said: “To ban drugs, the achievement is at present, will benefit future generations, young people are the future of the motherland, the hope of the nation, to strengthen drug prevention education for young people, there is a long way to go.”It is reported that this year is the end of the three-year anti-drug “cleaning” special action in Guizhou province, in order to steadily promote the qianxinan anti-drug “cleaning” special action to develop in depth, achieve comprehensive victory, consolidate and expand the “national anti-drug demonstration city” to create results.Qianxinan prefecture, through the “cloud + terminal” mode and Tencent network live broadcast, allows more students to enjoy the same rich anti-drug teaching resources, builds a solid line of anti-drug education in schools, and maximally improves the effectiveness of drug prevention education for teenagers.The students listened carefully and answered questions actively.In class, Qianxinan drug control office police Long Zimei and Qianxinan People’s Procuratorate prosecutor Tan Jiaojiao from the value of judgment and choice, drug knowledge, drug laws and regulations three aspects of the drug class;By playing video about the trial, explaining the harms of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, new psychoactive substances abuse and the laws and regulations of narcotics, psychoactive substances abuse and drug control in the form of case explanation and question and answer, the students listened with great interest, discussed enthusiastically and answered questions actively.After class, the students have said: the future will further enhance the awareness and ability, start from the self, and consciously to stay away from drugs, and drug control publicity around your family and friends have learned knowledge, let more people know about the dangers of drugs, called on the people around you act together, spread the harm of drugs to every household.Students across the state watch a live anti-drug class.The network broadcast of anti-drug knowledge was mainly taught by Xingyi No. 5 Middle School. Through The Golden State education cloud platform “Banbantong”, 1,675 schools and 11,046 classes were set up in the whole state.Staff members of anti-drug commission at all levels, some parents of students and teachers and students of schools that have not yet opened the class link in The prefecture use smart phones and other devices to access the “Tencent Classroom” platform for live streaming.Employees of member units throughout the state watch live anti-drug classes.Through such anti-drug knowledge network broadcast activities, anti-drug knowledge can be better transmitted to families and other members of the society, which plays a radiating and driving role of “educating a student, driving a family and influencing the whole society”.Correspondent Xie Yulin Guizhou Daily Tianyan news reporter Long Bei editor Yan Ou editor Gan Jiangdong Li Zhongdi